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Wayne 492 10 Gallon Visible Gas Pump with Gold Crown (pumps)

Year of Production: circa 1923

Manufacturer: The Wayne Pump Company

The Wayne 490 series of pumps were considered the “finest visible pumps ever designed”.  They are generally referred to as “The Roman Pumps” because of their Greek architectural fluted column design and aesthetic beauty. 

The Wayne 492 was hand operated by a 2-cylinder continuous action pump of new design, actuated by a lever, instead of the usual crank.  

One of the best features of the 492 is the Wayne Interlocking Valve System.  This system consists of two valves and two valve handles. One serves the car and the other drains back extra gasoline to the storage tank.  

The Standard Oil Company introduced the crown shaped globes.  The globes needed extremely skilled glass blowers who knew precisely how much air to blow to form the shape inside the mold.  The crowns were a nod to the castle style gas stations Standard eventually designed.  

"Gold Crowns" were introduced in the mid 1950's along with Premium Gold Crown gasoline, which was said to have the highest octane rating of any gasoline Standard produced at that time.  The higher the octane number, the less knocking in the engine.

Wayne was the leader for 30 years in the production of filling station equipment.  The Wayne 492 is one of the most sought after pumps of a collector.