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Collector Car Showcase

Wayne 70 Four Ad Glass Panel Gas Pump in Phillips 66 (pumps)

Year of Production: circa 1937

Manufacturer: The Wayne Pump Company

The Wayne Pump Company has been known by different names over the years.  Variations included Wayne Oil Tank & Pump Company, Wayne Oil Tank Company, Wayne Tank & Pump Company, and the Wayne Company.  

In 1907 Wayne began production of gasoline pumps.  During the 1930’s, Wayne invented the computing mechanism that became the manufacturing guideline for gasoline pumps.  

Over time the Wayne Company acquired an interest in the Martin & Schwartz Pump Company.  In 1958, Wayne became part of Symington-Gould, then renamed Symington-Wayne, who also owned part of Martin & Schwartz.

In 1968 Dresser Industries acquired Symington-Wayne, which then became known as Dresser-Wayne.

Phillips Petroleum Company was incorporated in 1917.   The Phillips 66 brand name was put in place in 1927.

On display is a restored original Wayne 70 gas pump finished in Phillips 66 colors.