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Bennett 1066 in Polly Gas Pump (pumps)

Years of Production: circa late 1950’s

Manufacturer: Bennett Pump Division of John Wood Company

In 1919 Thomas B. Bennett established the Bennett Injector Company.  In 1924 the name of the company was changed to Bennett Pump Corporation.  

Controlling interest of Bennett was sold to Service Station Equipment (SSE) in 1928 because the company needed more capital.  In 1932 SSE merged with the John Wood Company.

This Bennett 1066 is a single pump with sight glass on the side, a cover over the hose holder, and an ad glass panel in the door.  It is considered a modified version of the Bennett 966 which provided a sight glass on the front upper door.

Polly Gas is an extremely rare gasoline brand and is believed to have begun between 1910 and 1920.  Wilshire Oil of Los Angeles supposedly acquired Polly between 1929 and 1939.  Eventually, around 1960, Wilshire was purchased by Gulf.

On display is a 1950’s Polly Gas Pump.  Older restoration looks great with light patina.