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Bennett 646 Sinclair Gas Pump (pumps)

Years of Production: 1945 - 1951

Manufacturer: Bennett Pump Division of John Wood Company

In 1919 Thomas B. Bennett established the Bennett Injector Company.  In 1924 the name of the company was changed to Bennett Pump Corporation.  

Controlling interest of Bennett was sold to Service Station Equipment (SSE) in 1928 because the company needed more capital.  In 1932 SSE merged with the John Wood Company.  

The first Bennett post war pump design was the 646 computing pump.

Sinclair Oil and Refining Corporation was established in 1915.  H-C Gasoline was one of Sinclair’s earliest products. The H-C stood for “Houston Concentrate”, which was high octane gasoline, and was introduced in 1926.

The pump on display is a vintage and completely restored Bennett Sinclair Computing Gas Pump.  It features ad panels above the face with a reproduction pump globe.