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Service Station Equipment Company Vintage Eco 97 Air Meter with base (pumps)

Year of Production: circa 1947

Manufacturer: Service Station Equipment Division of John Wood Company

The Service Station Equipment Company (SSEC) was a Canadian-based manufacturer which purchased the Bennett Pump Corporation in 1928.  Around 1946, SSEC and Bennett became a division of the John Wood Company.  

The first ECO’s were actually called Economy Air Meters.  They were made around 1916 or 1917 by the Western Manufacturing Company, of Oskaloosa, Iowa.  In 1928 the ECO Division of the Western Manufacturing Company was purchased by the John Wood Company.  

The ECO 90 series introduced “balanced inflation”.  Operating by air pressure, a shot of air was sent into the tire.  The meter then stopped and read the pressure to see if it matched the pressure that was set on the meter.  This continued until the meter and the tire were in balance.