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Martin & Schwartz 80 Script Top Gas Pumps in Mobil (pumps)

Years of Production: circa 1950’s

Manufacturer: Martin & Schwartz Pump Company

Martin & Schwartz Pump Company began manufacturing gas pumps in 1922 in Buffalo, NY.  

From 1937 to 1949 M&S was owned by a group of oil companies that included Mobil.  M&S began customizing their gas pumps to reflect its owners.  

In 1951 M&S was purchased by the Wayne Pump Company.

This pair of Mobil Script Top Pumps are newly restored. They have been sandblasted, frame painted, bodywork done, skimmed, primed and blocked twice.  New grounded cords and faces.  Meters work, and everything that could be polished is.  New pump plates and leaded signs, rubber, plastic inserts, bases primed only.  New hoses, and polished nozzles as well as the new rubber for around the doors.