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National 62 Super Shell Gas Pump (pumps)

Years of Production: 1948 - 1951

Manufacturer: National Pumps Corporation

National Oil Pump & Tank Company went into business in 1907 in Dayton, OH.   

In 1930 they changed their name to National Pumps Corporation.  In 1948 Tokheim purchased National and the National name brand eventually ceased to exist.

The “Shell” name originated in London and came about from a previous import/export business involving oriental shells in the 1830’s.  The Royal Dutch Shell Group was created in February 1907 when the Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and the British "Shell" Transport and Trading Company Ltd. merged their operations.  Super Shell Gasoline is a brand formerly marketed by Shell Oil Company.

Fully restored by Blair Underwood. This Super Shell National 62 Gas Pump is absolutely beautiful.