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Collector Car Showcase

American 10 Gal Richfield Aviation Gas Pump (pumps)

Years of Production: circa mid 1920’s

Manufacturer: American Tank & Pump Company 

The American Tank & Pump Company was established in 1909 in Dayton, Ohio. 

The American visible attachment came along circa 1918.  The "visible" gas pumps allowed customers to view the color and quality of the gasoline through the transparent glass fuel tank.  

Besides gas pumps, the company made oil dispensers, air towers, and air compressors.  In 1948, Tokheim Tank & Pump Company of Ft. Wayne, Indiana acquired the company.

Here we have a fully restored American 2387V.  Original blue glass cylinder.  Full top grade restoration.  Hand pin striping over the basecoat/clear coat.  Paint is exceptional!  Comes with a fully restored "aviation" nozzle