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Tokheim 850 Clock Face Gas Pump in Red Crown (pumps)

Years of Production: circa 1930’s

Manufacturer: Tokheim Oil Tank and Pump Comany

The Tokheim Manufacturing Company (TMC) was established in 1901.   TMC manufactured oil dispensers, barrel pumps, tanks, and gas pumps.  

In 1918 the Company was purchased by former employees of the Wayne Pump Company and was renamed the Tokheim Oil Tank and Pump Company.

Red Crown Gasoline was made by the Standard Oil Company.  

The Standard Oil Company introduced the crown shaped globes.  The globes needed extremely skilled glass blowers who knew precisely how much air to blow to form the shape inside the mold.  The crowns were a nod to the castle style gas stations Standard eventually designed.    

The Tokheim 850 series is also known as the volumeter series. 

Restored by Blair Underwood in August 2014.  A world class restoration of an extremely rare and beautiful Tokheim 850 Clock Face. This pump was operational at a gas station in the early 1930's