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Wayne 866 in Gilmore style (pumps)

Year of Production: mid 1930’s

Manufacturer: The Wayne Pump Company

The Wayne Pump Company has been known by different names over the years.  Variations included Wayne Oil Tank & Pump Company, Wayne Oil Tank Company, Wayne Tank & Pump Company, and the Wayne Company.

In 1907 Wayne began production of gasoline pumps.

Wayne introduced the clock face metering pump in the late 1920’s.  Some of the clocks would track gallons and parts of gallons by using two hands.  The patron pumping the gas would then have to calculate the price of the gas.    

The Gilmore Oil Company was in business from about 1900 – 1945.

This rare and stunning Wayne 866 clock face gas pump is from the mid 1930's.  It was fully restored by Blair Underwood in Gilmore Gas colors.