Collector Car Showcase
Collector Car Showcase


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Collector Car Showcase displays memorabilia


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OYSTER BAY - Long Islanders who enjoy vintage cars and American memorabilia, the Collector Car Showcase in Oyster Bay is a one-of-a-kind museum that will transport people back in time.

From beautifully restored classic cars to vintage signs to vintage gas pumps, the museum is a blast from the past.

"This turned out to be a passion project that grew a little larger than expected," says David Jacobson, of the Collector Car Showcase. Jacobson has always had a passion for cars and a love of history. "When I look at a car, I appreciate what it is, as far as an art piece."

One of the many cars on display is a 1964 GTO, which was among America's first muscle cars. The sticker price back then was a little more than $4,000. Now, the car is worth $150,000.

The showcase changes displays every eight weeks, but it currently features muscle cars. The museum hopes people cruise on by for a visit.