Collector Car Showcase
Collector Car Showcase


Radio Interview with David Jacobson


1.  Tell us about Collector Car Showcase. Listen

2.  How did you Accumulate all the items displayed at CCS? Listen

3.  How large is the space and what would we find in it? Listen

4.   Why did you choose Oyster Bay? Listen

5.   Who owns the cars displayed at CCS? Listen

6.  Does CCS have an educational aspect to it? Listen

7.   What makes a car authentic? Listen

8.   There are many ways to restore a car. Is how you restore a car, personal preference? And what is yours? Listen

9.   What are your biggest challenges in running CCS? Listen

10.  Tell us more about the events/shows at CCS. Listen

11.  What do you consider a dream car? Listen

12.  What is the future of collecting vehicles from the 1920’s and 30’s? Listen

13.  What do you think the future holds for Internal Combustion engine and Electric engines? Listen

14.  What are your thoughts on self-driving cars and the driving experience? Listen

15.  Electric vehicles are becoming popular now.  What do they mean to drivers and the auto industry? Listen

16.  How is the museum funded? Listen

17.   How has the community responded to the opening of CCS in Oyster Bay? Listen

18.  What does CCS mean to the future of the car hobby? Listen

19.  Tell us more about how people can get involved with CCS? Listen